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  Painting The News South Africa Artists Notes
“During the years that I worked for an industrial etching company I became fascinated with the color “ghosts”
left behind on the boards that held small signs and letters in the paint spray booth at the factory. The letters and shapes were laid out at random on these boards, and colors chosen as per job order. The background boards were painted over and re-sprayed as the day’s work progressed. I swapped out new wood panels for the painted ones, took them back to my studio and searched for the picture each contained. I cut them up, painted back into them, and reassembled them with painted wood or brushed aluminum surrounds. This was a return, in a way, to my passion for the unexpected saturated color of my factory painting past. But as the work evolved, it aslo stirred a visual memory of some stunning glimpse of a facade or piece of billboard - the sort of vision caught out of the corner of your eye, usually in passing, that imprints itself on your memory with its color and shape.
- Margaret Grace
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